Checkmate II Cancer

This blog is a dedication to my loving sister Stephanie who has passed away a week ago from today.  She asked me to do her a favor an create a t-shirt design to wear while going to chemo treatment to help encourage others with a friendly message because she was very weak to carry a conversation so the t-shirt will represent her health journey.

A few days went by and her energy was getting low and can barely eat. I made a decision on her behalf not to return back to get chemo treatments. I’d made sure my sister days was pleasant by playing her favorite songs, shows or movies. The pain was so great that I began to massage her 3 times a day.

A month passed and Stephanie energy has improve that she had a B+ with her online school with DeVry. One day I notice something very different with my sister when I looked at her to say good morning. Her good morning reply was soft spoken and sweet sounding to my ears, while focusing on the whites of her eyes that turned light mint green. I was shaken with great concern but didn't want to scare my sister so I suggested that lets get ready for a warm bath so she can look in the mirror and take notice for herself of her dramatic change.

When I finished giving sister her bath I begin to dry her off then she always wanted to wipe her face and brush her teeth. I believe to keep some of her own independence. I can recall many times of her taking charge without hesitation and been a woman of strength.  I ask my sister Stephanie did you notice your eyes while washing your face? sister said yes and now let me go and sit down on my bed. because my strength is on low. I begin to assisted her and then once she got settled, I said its time for me to take you to the hospital, sister replied why? my answer was the whites of your eyeball are slight yellow/green and that means your liver isn't working properly. 


~to be continued~

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